One to One Sessions

Agility equipment

We offer One–to–One sessions for everyone and everyhound ‐ whether you are wondering whether agility is for you and your dog, or want to improve your competition performance.

Introduction to Foundation

These sessions are perfect if you are just starting out in agility or want to find out if it's for you and your dog.

You'll be introduced to basic agility equipment such as tunnels and jumps, your dog will have some toy play to help with drive and confidence, experience walking on different surfaces, and use wobble boards and cushions ‐ all designed to build up their confidence. You will learn tricks to get and keep your dog's focus ‐ useful in the real world as well as on the agility course.

As they progress, your dog will learn how to use equipment with contact areas, e.g. the A‐frame, by training the contact area first in order for your dog to understand the criteria of contacts and to ensure the contact area is lots of fun. This is done before dogs full use the equipment.

Your dog must enjoy the sessions and to make sure they do we use progressive learning; your dog only moving on the next step when they are ready. As such, it will take more than one session before they get to use all the equipment.

All training is done using positive reinforcement.

Experienced Dogs

If you and your dog are wanting to get to the next level or want to work on something that cost you those vital seconds in your last competition, these sessions are for you.

We'll work on specifics, e.g. improving turns, contacts, drive to tunnel, weaves, handling, full courses; as such, they are tailored to your needs.

One to One Sessions
£15.00 for 30 mins
£25.00 for 60 mins
Please contact me directly for availability or check our Facebook page for more details.