Hoopers Classes

Dog on Hoopers course

We have classes for beginners and follow‐on levels of hoopers. We run small classes, typically 4 dogs – 6 at the most, so that everyone gets plenty of time "on course".

Foundation Classes

These are the starting point where you'll be introduced to basic hoopers equipment such as tunnels and hoops. Your dog will have some toy play to help with drive and confidence and you will learn tricks to get and keep your dog's focus ‐ useful in the real world as well as on the hoopers course. As you and your dog progress you'll move on to using more of the equipment.

Next Step Classes

Our Next Step Classes are where you start to look at some of the technical aspects in more detail, such as handling, front crosses etc. and you'll start learning course analysis and positioning while handling your dog.

Hoopers Classes
£10.00 for 60 mins
Please contact me directly for availability or check our Facebook page for more details.