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Brindle Greyhound going over jump
Sarah and her dogs

My name is Sarah Plant, I started Woodland Agility Group because of my love for all dogs, especially rescue dogs.

I started agility in 2006 as a fun way to spend time with my Yorkie, Pheobe, convinced she would love the tunnels and jumps. I contacted my local agility club and signed up. I only wanted to do it as a bit of fun and never wanted to compete, but I got hooked. 3 years later I started teaching agility having successfully completed the Agility Club Accredited Instructors scheme and have never looked back.

I started Woodland Agility Group in 2016. The venue is at my home where I provide classes for all abilities, from foundation through to mixed grade competition classes. I also offer 1–2–1 sessions and often have guest trainers in for training days. During the summer months, classes are run on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Monday evenings, and Tuesday afternoons. During the winter we run on Saturday and Sunday mornings, subject to the weather.

The paddock has a full set of aluminium and rubber contact equipment, jumps with multiple jump heights, long jump, tunnels, tyre, sliding channel weaves and 2×2 weaves.

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My Dogs

I am currently owned by 3 Lurchers (Izzy, Reilly and Penny), 2 Podencos (Jade and Cisco) and a Greyhound (Rodney). They are all rescue dogs, some having had worse starts than others.

I currently run 2 dogs in Grade 3 and one dog in Veteran classes.


It's not just about agility; I also provide treats, Nutriment raw food, pet blankets, leads, collars, dog jumpers, and coats. I like to offer products I would use on my own dogs; they are my chief testers of all treats and food, so I can give an honest opinion of each product!

I like to be competitive with my prices and try to ensure there are cost‐effective products available to all. I know how costly dog treats can be, especially when purchasing for multiple dogs!

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